Sayulita - Pueblo Mágico in Nayarit, Mexico

All of this, just a short walk away from Villa Iguana Verde

photo of a Sayulita beach

Playa Mis Amores, usually desolate of people but just a half hour jungle walk from Villa Iguana Verde

photo of Reubens restaurant

Ruben and Mónica Ruiz run this popular place for gringo comfort food and great people-watching. Catering too!

street photo

Festival time view of road to the beach. Ten minute level walk from the villa

Easter beach phot

The main beach at Easter or Semana Santa. Just a ten minute walk from the Villa

photo of surf festival

Surfing competition. We have storage space in each suite for your board or wet gear.

photo of surfer

Surfing almost every day

photo surf shop

A local shop with classic boards

image beach

flag day parade

Flag Day parade


sayulita shop

The Pachamama store

detail of pillow case

Some interestng architecture